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Monday, October 8, 2007

We're off to see the wizard... Movies & Music Oh My..


Can't Buy Me Love looks back on the Beatles from way back at the very beginning of their roots. I have read almost every book about the Beatles and most of the books go right past the most essential part we remember, the music. Gould does not rely on the memories of those who were there 50 years ago. Instead, he looks to the original sources, the music writers and fans of that time, in the words they wrote then. I recommend this eBook to everyone.

I read Billion Dollar Kiss at random more by accident really, and was pleased to find a smart mix of behind-the-scenes TV-writing insights along with big picture trends shaping the careers, compensation, and success of TV writers from the mid-80's on. I found this eBook an excellent and revealing read about the TV business from a writer's perspective. It is warmly recommended to all those who are interested in what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. Be sure to check below to receive your Discount Coupon for these to eBooks.

CANT BUY ME LOVE eBook edition by Gould, Jonathan
"Gould, a former musician, has written an engrossing book, both fluid and economical (aside from one overlong section on the concept of charisma). Page after page, you can hear the music; Gould's deft hand makes the book sing. This is music writing at its best."
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Billion-Dollar Kiss eBook edition by Stepakoff, Jeffrey
When Jeffrey Stepakoff was graduating with an MFA in playwriting, he imagined a life in the New York theater, wearing a beret and smoking clove cigarettes. Writing for the "boob tube" didn't even cross his mind. But he ended up in L.A. in the late 80's, when television writers were experiencing their equivalent of a gold rush. After the billion- dollar syndication of Seinfeld, when studios were paying astronomical amounts of money to writers to create the next Friends or ER, the sudden mania for scripted entertainment made the TV writer a hot commodity. He found himself meeting with big agents, inside primetime story rooms, pitch meetings, and on the set of some of TVs most popular shows, and making more money than he'd ever thought possible.
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