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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

eBooks about Elvis and the Circus


An All American gospel loving Rock-n-Roll legend and a child's fantasy come true. Both of these titles are inspirational for the passion one possess - whatever that may be whether you want to be a singer or a circus clown. Our passions define us when we stop wanting to Be... and just Become... Both of these titles gave me something to think about. Am I following my dreams, and if so do I know it yet? What I do know, is that these are two terrific titles that you will want to read!

The Gospel Side of Elvis eBook Edition by Joe Moscheo
Gospel music was a significant part of not only who Elvis became as a man, but as an artist as well. As Elvis mania continues to consume generation after generation throughout the world, fans still crave new insights into the person of Elvis Presley.
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Under the Big Top eBook edition by Bruce, Feiler
Both a great American adventure and a rare entry into asheltered world, Under the Big Top describes one man's pursuit of every child's fantasy: running away to join the circus. Bruce Feiler's unforgettable year as a clown will forever change your view of one of the world's oldest art forms and remind you of how dreams can go horribly wrong -- and then miraculously come true.
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